Movers Carrying Packages

Supply Only

The same quality advice and information just without installation or initial design consultation.  


Many of our clients have on-site quality carpenters and kitchen fitters – so why not use them. We also distribute our furniture across not only the whole of the UK but Europe too which means clients can use local tradesman.


This service is even suitable for the avid DIY’er.

Design & Supply

Our E. J. Nunn Designers are experienced and passionate about transforming your ideas into beautiful and practical spaces. We do not charge for this initial design services which includes bringing your vision to life in our 3D CAD software and a full itemised quotation. 


Our design schedule works around project timelines so if you are planning a project 2 months to a year from now then we would love to see you.

Design, Supply & Install.jpg

Design, Supply & Install

We are proud to be able offer our clients a full installation service including any associated building works.  Most projects will require a dry-fit installation service in which we will send our skilled carpenters to install our lovely cabinetry, worktops and placement of appliances – you’ll need your own electrician and plumber to make the final connections. In addition to this we can also undergo any associated building work – from removal of your old kitchen to knocking down walls.

If you’re unsure what service, you require your designer will be able to advise further during the design process.

Trade  Membership

Whether you are a furniture retailer, building contractor, property developer, interior designer or if you’re just looking for a ‘one-off’ project you can apply for your personal trade account.


Receive many benefits and your tailed account terms joining many other happy traders already benefiting from their trade account.

Trade Membership.jpg


We are assured of the enduring quality of what we produce, we give a 10-year guarantee on all the furniture that E. J Nunn offers.  


We will also be on hand for many years to come if you wish to revitalise or add additions to your home from changing your paint colour choice to new handles, we love hearing from you many years after your furniture has been installed.